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Astrological sessions

Horoscopes have been popular amongst people for thousands of years, and various cultures and ethnicities for ages have wanted to know how their zodiac affected their health, relationships and finances.

Astrology is an ancient science that studied and followed the astronomical cycles of planets, cosmic objects, and stars and their influences on human consciousness and lives. It originated in ancient Mesopotamia, far back in antiquity, in the 3rd millennium BCE, around 5000 years ago.

Most human civilizations, cultures and traditions have adopted and created calendars, a version of systems and methods.

Ancient philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Hippocrates and Hippocrates were fascinated by the stars and dedicated their lives to studying the cosmos and the knowledge of the ancient world.

They followed old astrology, Feng Shui, and the system of sacred geometry and created the system of numerology we still use today.  

People believed the Sun, Moon, planets, and other celestial bodies had shaped their personalities, affected their romantic relationships, and predicted their economic fortune. These beliefs and practices continue to carry through our modern world and lives. Dr. Carl Jung, a world-famous Swiss contemporary Analytical Psychologist from 1875 to 1961, also researched the connection between the human psyche and astrology and incorporated this wisdom in treating his patients in his practice.

Tropical or Western Astrology is mainly being used in modern times in the Western world today. Each zodiac sign represents specific elements in nature, such as Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and correlating colours, which affect each person depending on the horoscope.

Mercury Session

An Introduction of your personality traits

and characteristics based on your sun sign

(physical being), including your strengths

(lights side) and life challenges (shadow side). 


  • 60-minute video consultation

  • Natal chart based on the sun sign

  • Brief analysis


Venus Session

More in-depth consultation of your personality traits and characteristics based on your sun

sign (physical being) and moon sign (emotional being) including strengths and life challenges.


  • 90-minute video consultation

  • Natal chart based on the sun and moon sign

  • Primary elemental analysis


Jupiter Session

Comprehensive and detailed consultation of your personality traits and characteristics based on the three most important aspects of your natal chart: sun sign (physical being), moon sign (emotional being), and ascendant (higher self).


  • 120-minute video consultation

  • Natal chart based on the sun, moon and ascendant sign

  • Fundamental analysis


Couple Session

Partners Natal Chart analysis and relationship advice available upon special request.

Newly-wed Couple

Group Session

Group Natal Chart analysis for personalized events available upon special request.

Fun at the Beach

V.I.P Session

Customized V.I.P. value bundle

available upon request.

Includes a combination of individually selected sessions at special price.

Reaching Out to the Sun
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