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katalin malatinszky


My journey, searching for answers to life, led me to explore various philosophies, beliefs, and ancient teachings, a deeper connection between my two passions, the design principles, and the mystical science of Astrology, the laws of the natural world.

Your home or office space is an extension of you and your aura (your energetic field), which directly echoes how you feel. The most intimate physical spaces reflect your charm and unique taste. As you transform and evolve through a natural progression of life, your home or workspace is bound to align and provide physical, mental and emotional support.

My mission is to help you create your unique sanctuary that is designed & decorated based on your zodiac sign. It will help you capitalize on your natural gifts, enhance your surroundings, support your emotional well-being, and make you happy and balanced. I am thrilled to implement what I have learned over the last two decades. And excited to provide an exclusive, unconventional design practice to those searching for a more holistic approach to design & decor.




Many homeless, abandoned animals desperately need to find a forever loving family and home. However, there is a vast misconception that rescued dogs have many psychological or physical health issues; it may be true in some cases, but not all.


We have rescued eight doggies combined within our family and friends. All the doggies have perfect mental and physical health. Rescuing our furry babies was the best decision we have ever made. Saving the lives of innocent animals is gratifying. We are getting rewarded, showing unconditional love every day.


Please consider adopting an animal from a shelter or any other rescue organization if you contemplate getting a pet. 

Please be responsible for gifting a pet. It comes with a lifelong responsibility.

Please consult the future owner before considering giving an animal.

Much love, Katalin

do you live in the barrie area and need a dog walker?
let's get in touch!

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