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"Written in the stars"... it's not just a saying.

Horoscopes have been popular amongst people for thousands of years, and various cultures for ages have wanted to know how their zodiac affected their health, relationships and finances.

Astrology is an ancient science that studied and followed the astronomical cycles of planets, cosmic objects, and stars and their influences on human consciousness and lives. It originated in ancient Mesopotamia, far back in antiquity, in the 3rd millennium BCE, around 5000 years ago. Most human civilizations, cultures and traditions have adopted and created calendars, a version of systems and methods.

Ancient philosophers like Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, and Hippocrates were fascinated by the stars and dedicated their lives to studying the cosmos and the ancient world's knowledge. They followed old astrology, Feng Shui, and sacred geometry. The ancient Greek philosophers created the system of the horoscopes or zodiacal wheel and numerology we still use today.

Design and Astrology are two very complex ideas that can be blended to create a more individualistic, holistic and comprehensive approach to Interior Design.


Interior Design & Décor is helping to develop a practical and esthetically pleasing physical space.  Astrology can help you find the most beneficial colours and design elements specific to you, supporting your personality and emotional needs.


From Your Stars to Your Home

Discover The Hidden World Of Astrological Design

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What we can do for you






- Joseph McDonald

March 2023

I just need to give a shoutout for my friend Katalin Malatinszky. She has totally rocked two different astrology readings for me that helped reveal so much about the past present and future. Helping me better align my life, where I come from, my gifts and where I am going. If you need an exceptional astrology reading, or Feng Shui help, this is who you need. Thank you for your time and interest.

- Elyse

April 2023

I had a consultation with Katalin, it was amazing. She provided excellent explanation of myself, the colours that are best suited for me and design elements that are more aligned for me in my home. I definitely recommend a session with her to learn more about yourself and your Sun, moon and rising that can help you shine bright in your life!

- Isabelle

November 2022

I had my first Astrological Consultation by Katalin. She discussed my sun sign, moon sign, ascendent sign, Feng Shui elements and how they all come together.  She told me things about myself which were so true based on my zodiac sign.  She discussed colours and design styles that would be beneficial to me to have a harmonious life.  If you are curious why you do things a certain  way or how you can understand YOU better and what little things you can change to live better, then get an Astrological Consultation from Katalin.

- Brad Rogers, MCIP, RPP

February 2022

Katalin worked diligently with our contractor to make sure all of the materials were ordered on time to avoid construction delays. Her attention to detail was greatly appreciated. Her budget and timeline was impressive. We received good value and the work was completed on schedule and on time. Thank you Katalin for an awesome finished result. The condo looks beautiful. 

- Isabelle

December 2021

Katalin was very initiative and had a lot of knowledge in design. She does everything with integrity and puts a lot of thought into each project. I'm extremely happy with everything Katalin has helped me with. She is honest, and completes every task in a timely matter. I would recommend her service to anyone looking for honest and professional advice.

- Salvatore Gironda

Present Industry Colleague

It  has been a pleasure working with Kathy. She has been a customer of Eddystone fabrics for the past 14 years. Through the years we have grown on a business level which developed into a friendship. Katalin is a very enthusiastic lady. She has amazing people skills,  professionally organized and very knowledgeable. She is very honest and a great accent to the industry.




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Astrology Chart Sessions

Astrology is an ancient science that studied and followed the astronomical cyclesof planets, cosmic objects, and stars and their influences on humanconsciousness and lives.

Intuitive Design


Relaxing Resting Area

Depending on your horoscope, some colours, shapes, and textures are more beneficial. Your divine blueprint can help you find the most helpful elements in creating a harmonious, inviting, and emotionally supportive environment.

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