Transits Reading:

Take a look at the current energies and themes for the coming year and beyond. I can also add progressions to this reading. $110.00

Solar Return Reading:

For people who are familiar with their Natal Charts, this reading works best when given near your birthday and gives you insight into the next year of your life. $110.00

 Relationship Compatibility and Synastry Reading : 60 minute recorded reading of the relationship between two charts. Find out more about what makes brings two entities together through your aura- to aura connection through Human Design and Astrology-while learning how to build on the strengths and understand the challenges of relating. $190.00

Relocation Chart

I will look at specific locations that best suit where it is you would like to live or places you already have in mind and give a report on the angles and planets that will influence you.


Services And Workshops

The Synthesis of Astrology and Human Design


                                                                                 Lauren Mantecon, Points Of Desire(close up) oil on canvas,  40x60, 2010


I offer a comprehensive written report that includes a description of your Human Design type, strategy and authority combined with the astrological map you were born with along with transits for the year. You also receive an hour and a half consultation either over the phone, skype or e-mail. This is a hand tailored reading. ASK ABOUT GIFT CERTIFICATES! You may also have your reading in person, over the phone or via skype.  $175.00

Gift certificates available.

Feel free to e-mail me for more information