The Synthesis of Astrology and Human Design

I was delighted to have had the good fortune to experience the insightful and enlightened expertise of Lauren Mantecon, when she  carefully prepared an amazing document for me that I will call a "Transit Report" . In this unique document she identified specific time frames within which significant changes and impending actions are likely to occur in my life.  This document is riveting and for me it has verified conditions that I myself had begun to suspect might be in my future as I do monitor astrological data but not with the level of expertise that Lauren does.

Having known Lauren since she was a tiny little girl it is so pleasing to watch her progress and have the pleasure of experiencing her unique talent and wisdom.  She is the daughter of one of my dearest friends which makes it all the better.   Bravo Lauren!

Duane, Vorce-  Boston, Mass

 Lauren is by far one of the most intuitive and knowledgeable individuals you will encounter. She guided me through tough career decisions, life choices, and provided profound insight on important relationships in my life. I am so thankful. I would recommend anyone to Lauren  who wants to know more about themselves, channel their own intuition, or inquire any questionable life choices. She is a true guide and teacher, who will help you fulfill a higher level of happiness.

Mikaela Gall-  Sydney, Australia


I have had many Astrology readings, but never one with the potent addition of the Human Design material. Frankly, it's awesome to know someone who can skillfully learn either system to a mastery level, much less blend them effortlessly and effectively, as Lauren does. The result is a level of depth and nuance I have rarely encountered in an oracle reading. Plus, she not only gives you written input on your question(s) but a personal live session after you digest her information. This is one of the best values you could encounter if you are looking for any kind of reading on a life challenge you are facing. I recommend Lauren wholeheartedly!

Steve Charrier- San Anselmo, California