The Synthesis of Astrology and Human Design

Creating From The Core/ CD- Four visualizations to inspire the creative process

Introduction to the Human Design System

Through Creative Metaphor and Symbol

Listen to radio show with Mark Perry " A Matter of the Mind" a Santa Fe Radio Show-

Lauren discussing the role of creativity - human design and astrology.

Learn your Type and Strategy.

Short individual readings will be included.

This is a skype course meeting once a week for 4 half hour sessions

Cost: $195.00-

This is an introductory course that will be part of a four part series offered  over a course set at your own pace.

Founded in the late twentieth century by the late spiritual teacher Ra Uru Hu.

Human Design is often called the "New Science of Astrology"  or an intersection of science and spirituality. A Human Design Chart is calculated with your birth data and can offer an extraordinary accurate guide into your personality.

In our first session we will cover type and strategy and take a deeper look at your strengths,weakness and potentials.

Having your chart in hand we will begin to map your place in the grand scheme of life. Through visual mapping, we will create an understanding of a complex system using form, shape, metaphor and symbol using quality paper, collage and water based paints.

No experience necessary- just a curious mind.

Please bring your birth data if you have it: time of birth, place and date. We will work in a group and make time for short individual sessions.


I believe form takes shape through the symbols and signs we were born with. Our charts are a map and stage with some color and shapes being more dominant than another.

My interpretations are intuitive and primarily abstract, although sometimes certan  recognized symbols or forms present themselves.

Size:  12x12                 $500.00

          16x16                $ 750.00

          20x20              $ 900.00

          30x30              $ 1300.00