The Synthesis of Astrology and Human Design

My fascination with questions presented by unseen forces has inspired my study of astrology, human design, painting, teaching and empowerment of others for over twenty years. My deep desire to bring tangible tools for living an authentic life has motivated my teaching of the creative process and art to include Astrology and the study of the Human Design System- I have witnessed it transform lives.

I hold an M.F.A in painting and am a former Painting Instructor from the University of Portland.

I have studied Reiki levels 1 and II, yoga, meditation as well as shamanic and somatic body therapies. I completed   The Four Fold Way  certificate program with cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien in 2008. A process dedicated to bringing spirituality to our daily lives in practical way's.

I currently teach workshops and offer readings on the creative process integrating deep self awareness and authenticity through Human Design by deeply knowing your type, authority and strategy. It's a creative practice of integrating the whole soul in all we do.

For more information on my art practice and teaching visit:

 Lauren Mantecon, Float, oil on panel, 48x48